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Spinervals 101 Workout A

Coach Troy Jacobson

This video contains an introduction to classic interval training for improved cycling performance and strategies for optimizing indoor training. Learn how to train indoors more effectively for improved outdoor riding performance with the leader in indoor bike training for competitive cyclists, Spinervals and Coach Troy Jacobson! Join Troy and a cast of fit cyclists as he guides you through two short yet incredibly effective interval workouts that will boost your power output, improve your riding technique and make you leaner and faster for your next road ride! This video will provide the beginner and intermediate cyclist with a clear picture of the benefits of 'classic' interval training. Workout "A": Cycling Skills and Aerobic Fitness Development. This workout includes interval sets designed to boost your aerobic energy system and cycling technique. You'll love the one-leg drills and high cadence reps! (35 min.)

Minutes 50
Segments 3