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This recovery and flexibility sequence is ideal for swimmers, cyclists, runners and athletes of all sports to increase range of motion, reduce stiffness and create a more limber, agile athlete. Foam rolling along with stretching can help increase blood flow and speed recovery, reduce muscle tension and your chances of injury, and improve overall performance. There are three segments on this DVD: Part 1 -- Sun Salute (22 min.) Incorporate the foam roller with your Sun Salutation to increase range of motion and warm up before or cool down and stretch after a training session. Part 2 -- Core Stability (20 min.) Engage, balance and stabilize your core using the foam roller. Part 3 -- Foam Roll, Stretch & Recover (55 min.) Intervals of foam rolling and stretching for a total body massage, flexibility and recovery. You'll need a foam roller along with a yoga mat. Karen Dubs is a Registered Yoga Teacher and ACE Certified fitness professional with over 15 years teaching experience. She specializes in Yoga for Sports and Flexibility for Athletes and has trained a wide range of professional and recreational athletes including triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, golfers, The Baltimore Ravens football team and the University of Maryland Men's Basketball team.

Minutes 98
Segments 9