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Athletic Yoga is ideal cross training for all sports including football, basketball, swimming, cycling, and running. This DVD includes three segments to help you FIND YOUR EDGE and STRETCH YOUR POTENTIAL: Part 1 -- Sports Sun Salutation (24 min.) Dynamic warm up to prepare the mind and body for peak performance. Part 2 -- Warrior Sports Drills (40 min.) Intense intervals of athletic yoga, core strength, explosive plyometrics balance poses and breathing exercises for strength, endurance and focus. Part 3 -- Stretch & Recover (8 min.) A quick post training flexibility and recovery segment you can do anytime to recharge after a tough training session. No equipment. Just your body, your focus & your mat. Karen Dubs is a Registered Yoga Teacher and ACE Certified fitness professional with over 15 years teaching experience. She specializes in Yoga for Sports and Flexibility for Athletes and has trained a wide range of professional and recreational athletes including triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, golfers, The Baltimore Ravens football team and the University of Maryland Men's Basketball team.

Minutes 72
Segments 3